Payment Gateways for E-Commerce


Payment Gateways allow e-commerce applications such as ecommerce & shopping cart websites the ability accept payments. A payment gateway is the equivalent of a physical chip and pin terminal you find in most retail stores.

Payment gateways that you may already be familiar with are PayPal, Google Checkout and Sage Pay, however there are many more providers of payment gateways such as CardSave, Worldpay to just name a few.

Payment Gateways for EcommerceThe payment gateways main task is to protect card details by way of encryption of sensitive information such as the long card number and security code to ensure safe passage between the customer and the gateway and then from the payment gateway to the merchant and payment processor. PayPal and Google Checkout both have built in Payment Gateway, Processor and merchant account as an all in one package. Companies similar to CardSave provide a payment gateway and merchant account separately, therefore if you prefer you may obtain merchant services from your bank and arrange for a payment gateway separately.

We work with PayPal, Google Checkout and CardSave, although if you prefer to go with another provider we can easily assist you in implementing your chosen gateway provider’s service in to your ecommerce web site.

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We can easily work with the following e-commerce payment gateway providers & services: