Don’t rush the launch

You only get one chance to launch your ecommerce website, one of the biggest mistakes an ecommerce business can make is rushing the launch of a website.

Ensure that you have fully tested the web application from a customers perspective, add some items to the shopping cart and checkout as a registered customer and also a guest customer, follow the checkout process to the end, including making a payment and accessing order details after the payment has been made.

Browse your ecommerce website like you think a customer would and make sure that you have all the information in place as you would expect to see it on a rivals or other established ecommerce websites that you use to shop online.

Get others involved, there is nothing wrong with requesting your staff, friends and family to test the website, if there are any flaws or lack of information or issues with checking out, you can uncover these before a real customer does, the last thing you want to experience is a lack of sales or negative reviews due to issues that can be put right before the ecommerce website is launched.

It is also a very good idea to have a social media action plan and an advertising plan or idea prior to launching your ecommerce website, this will help with pulling in the right kind of traffic to your website helping it to become a success.

The right traffic means conversions or in simple terms, sales.

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