Creating an effective e-commerce website

Take the pain out of registration

It’s best to avoid lengthy registration forms that can take a few pages or so before customers can register to your e-commerce web site. An e-commerce web site, doesn’t need to know their customers address, phone number, what kind of work they do, and so on. Email address and a password is all that is needed.

Take the pain out of the purchasing process

Online shoppers very much dislike long and tedious registration forms which are usually mandatory to complete before finalising a purchase. Here’s a thought, allow customers to checkout as a guest and then ask them to sign up after they have completed a purchase, at this point all you will really need is a password to complete the registration process, thus making it very very simple for them. This will reduce cart abandonement and improve customer retention.

We all need a bit of direction

You should never underestimate call-to-action buttons, cta or call to action buttions aid higher conversion rates and improve the overall web site usability. Call-to-action buttons should stand out. Button size, color, font, wording and positioning is all very important and should be thought through in detail. Call to action buttons need to be in a colour that will stand out from the rest of your websites content and background.

If they can find it, they will buy it

Search functionality or better still, layered filtering helps customers to find what they are looking for quickly and easily, the shopping experience becomes more satisfying than frustrating. no one really wants to go from one page to another reading the descriptions of all the products you have displayed in your online shop, just to find what they are looking for. We all know what search boxes are and what they do. One type of search function stands out from the rest, that function is called the auto-complete search, this begins searching through your products, displaying matching products from the moment a customer types in the first letter.

Results on demand instantaneously.

Layered filtering works in a very similar way, the customer is presented with a series of tick boxes and sliders for price ranges and as soon as they select the options for the type of products they are looking for they are presented with immediate results, this works very well for filtering products in categories, allowing your customers to find what fits without much effort.

We need to know where we are, otherwise we will just feel lost

During the purchase process customers need to know what position they are in, they need to know how many steps they have already accomplished, and how many more steps there are to go. Breadcrumb navigation will help customers to go back a previous step if needed to edit any mistakes they may have made as opposed to starting over from scratch, or even just give up on the whole process altogether. You don’t want customers to get bored with your shopping procedures because they are lengthy, as this will make them more likely to give up and abandon the purchase.

Sometimes we are more careful online than we are when we shop on the high street

Customers should feel confident in buying products with your e-commerce web site, therefore you need to assure them that your site is reputable, secure and will protect the privacy of your customers. You can achieve by obtaining a trust certificate or SSL certificate. This will help to create trust with your customers and will offer them better security whilst they are shopping on your e-commerce website.